It can be challenging to find the perfect company team builder. Dry conversation and being around other people who don’t want to be there come to mind with work events. However, bowling could be the perfect option for getting the most out of your next corporate team builder. 

The Benefits of Bowling as a Team Builder

Team Camaraderie 

Building team spirit can be challenging, but bowling allows small and large groups to come together and work collectively. Bowling is an easy sport that every person can participate in from your company. It’s also a good opportunity for healthy competition between groups. You can set up one team versus another, and it will be great conversation starters to bring everyone together. It is a great way for people to relax, regardless of skill level. 


Bowling will not cost you an arm and a leg to bring the whole team out. Many places often offer discounts for large parties if you decide to have the party catered. It also won’t cost a lot of money if each person decides to get drinks and food on their own. It could even turn into a monthly event depending on different deals you could get. Also, bowling does not require anyone to bring anything extra to the events. Simply show up, bowl, and head home! 


You’ll be the envy of the office if you can do team builders that are different. Bowling offers a different activity besides the norm for team building. It’s a great chance for people on the team to let go and not worry about upcoming deadlines or meetings. Bowling creates a positive and fun environment that encourages team building to be brought back into the office. It does not put pressure on anyone, and you can focus on having a good time.


Bowling will give everyone in the group a great laugh. From the gutter balls to the strike, everyone can feel comfortable bowling. The pace of bowling is fast enough to keep everyone engaged and the conversation going. The lack of downtime creates an engaging atmosphere for all of the participants.

If you have been looking for a great team builder, bowling could be the right fit for you. Bowling is budget-friendly, fun, and allows everyone to participate. Consider an evening of bowling for your next corporate team builder! 

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