If you are going bowling with friends, family, or even co-workers, don’t you want to put yourself in a position where you can outmatch them on the lanes? Maybe the game is competitive for you, or maybe it is just about having fun. Either way, it is a lot more fun for many people when they are able to show off a little bit and start to hit strike after strike while they are out on the lanes. In order to get that good, Sparetimes Bowling has put together some tips for you.

How To Hit a Strike Every Time You Bowl

No one in the world can hit a strike every time they step up and roll the ball down the lane. However, some tips can help make you a better bowler than you might otherwise be. For example, you should consider some of the following tips and advice about how to get a higher score when you go.

Get in the Right Position

The position of your feet and your body, in general, is critical when knocking down the pins. A perfect strike begins when you set yourself in a position to handle those pins. If you are not doing so, there is room for improvement in whatever you are doing to win the game.

Practice Your Timing

The way you approach the lane and the speed with which you approach the lane are two things that people don’t always talk about when discussing tips for hitting a strike when bowling, but these are two things that matter a great deal. You shouldn’t come at the lane too fast or too slowly. Rather, you need to find that happy medium that allows you to keep your position and stance just right. You will need some force and strength on the ball when you release it, to be sure, but you don’t want to move so fast that your position is thrown off or your shot is tampered with in any way.

Hitting the Pocket

A common mistake made by people who first learn how to bowl properly is aiming directly down the middle of the pins. They may think that if they just get the ball to hit all of the pins squarely in the middle, they will get a strike, but that is not how it works. They actually need to try to aim the ball in such a way that it will hit the front number 1 pin at a slight angle. This is the best way to get that pin to fall into some others and cause a chain reaction of sorts that makes it possible for someone to get a strike almost on command. Hitting that exact spot isn’t easy of course, but it is the secret to nailing a strike almost anytime you want.

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