When you’re trying to plan a family fun night, you might get stuck on the same few activities. While watching a movie or going out to dinner might be enjoyable a few times a month, everyone could benefit from shaking it up every once in a while. If your family is getting tired of the same tried-and-true activities, you should consider going family bowling. It’s a great bonding activity with some healthy competition thrown into the mix.

Why you should go bowling with your family

You may be asking yourself, “should I go bowling with my family?” While only you know what’s right for your group, there are several reasons why bowling is great for families. First of all, as planningplaytime.com points out, “it’s incredibly fun!” There’s something about hurling a large, heavy ball toward a bunch of pins that’s entertaining. If nothing else, your family can laugh about how silly you look in your bowling shoes and how terrible you are at hitting the pins.

Secondly, almost anyone is able to bowl, especially since there are bumpers available to keep those with less developed hand-eye coordination in line. Most bowling alleys have balls that are lighter than typical balls, so even small hands can participate on bowling night.

As an added plus, bowling is a physical activity, but it’s also such a blast that it doesn’t feel like a workout. If you’re looking to get your family moving more without making it seem like a chore, bowling is a great option.

Bowling is also most likely more affordable than you might anticipate. Some bowling alleys offer specials on certain nights of the week or group discount rates. With some extra research, bowling doesn’t have to be an expensive family activity. As a bonus, the fun you have and the memories you make with your kids will be priceless. 

Plus, bowling is usually available everywhere in all seasons of the year. Whether it’s a sweltering summer day, crisp autumn evening, frigid winter night, or April downpour, bowling is an activity that will keep you cool (or warm, depending on how hard you go at it) and dry when the weather makes a trip to the park or the zoo off the table.

As bowling.com points out, bowling can also double as a family night of eating out. Often, bowling alleys will offer snacks, drinks, and even pizza to fuel your family fun night. As an added layer of fun, some bowling alleys offer options outside of bowling activities for the family like laser tag and mini-golf. Even if some of your family members aren’t down to bowl, there should be something for everyone.


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