Should I use bowling gloves? If you bowl often, you are probably wondering if bowling gloves would make a difference in your performance. But, with all of the many benefits that can be obtained by wearing bowling gloves, there really is no reason not to wear them. Bowling gloves can help you bring your game to a new level all while supporting your body.

Reasons To Wear Bowling Gloves

If you are wondering how bowling gloves help with your bowling score, read on to learn about the benefits.

Provide Support

Bowling requires repetitive use of your wrist and arm muscles. For many, it can put them at an increased risk of injury. This is one of the main reasons why many people choose to wear bowling gloves while bowling. It is because wearing gloves provides them with the extra support they need. But, choosing the right glove is also important. It depends on personal preference. Some gloves cover your hand and wrist, and some just cover the wrist.

Better Grasp

Many bowling balls are hard to grasp. But, being able to properly grasp the ball means you don’t put as much strain on your hands, fingers, and wrists. You can achieve a much better grip on the ball with the assistance of a glove. Gloves can also prevent your hands from sweating, which can also have an impact on the way you grip the bowling ball.

Additional Cushion

A lot of scrapping and rubbing can occur between your hand, fingers, and wrist when using the bowling ball. When you simply use a glove, you can create a protective barrier that will add cushioning to prevent injuries that can result from constant rubbing.

Better Form

Bowling gloves can help individuals continue using the right form to bowl to assist in preventing injuries. Gloves are comparable to braces. So, while the glove may limit certain movements, it will also simulate the proper form to increase performance.

Bowling Balls & Nail Protection

Even though many may think that wearing bowling gloves will keep their nails protected, there really is no guarantee that they will not break. Bowling puts a lot of force on the nails and fingers, so there really is no way to prevent them from breaking. But you can try some additional measures to help keep your nails safe with the use of bowling gloves. For example, you can use bowling tape around your nails to aid in supporting your fingers and the rest of your hands. You may also want to change the way you let go of your bowling ball to release some of the pressure from your nails.

Final Word

Wearing bowling gloves can improve your performance and protect your hands, wrists, and arms while bowling. Furthermore, if you have arthritis or other medical conditions that can be exacerbated by bowling, wearing gloves can provide you with the right type of support.

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