The higher you scale in sports, the better players you get to play against and team up with. Additionally, your team pays for your living and travel expenses, provides trainers, pays you a good salary, and a host of other benefits. However, it can be complicated for an aspiring bowling professional. Luckily, we’ve compiled three simple proven ways to become a professional bowler. Let’s dive in!

Join the Professional Bowlers Association

If you’re consistent in your game and have a score of 200+, you might want to join the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA). With that, you can apply directly to the PBA. First, they’ll verify your application. Then, you’ll become an official member if your application goes through.

Participating in the PBA matches can enable one to go on the national tour. This is what you see on Sunday afternoons on TV on sports channels. Keep performing your best in such matches, and you’ll soon make it to the World Bowling Tour. You could even be the next World champion!

Interestingly, you don’t have to be a member to participate in these matches. But your options are limited. So, if your average is 190 with about 36 games, you can join the sanctioned USBC bowling league or the PBA experience league.

Join the Leagues 

There is no average score required to join a bowling league. However, we recommend having at least 120 on average before considering bowling in a league. Bowling leagues and tournaments are fantastic experiences — you get to enjoy competition, meet new friends, exercise, de-stress, unwind, and get out of your house regularly. Playing in smaller tournaments can help you work your way up. You might win a few matches and improve your average.

Improve Your Bowling Scores

Let’s assume your average bowling score stands at 160-190. It would help if you improved your scoring. This requires you to improve your skills — learn how to approach, arm-swing, and stance properly.

It also helps to have unique equipment for bowling, like a bowling lane, bowling pins, and a bowling ball. Almost always, you need also to wear special bowling shoes. Other items like tape and gloves make it simple to bowl, but they aren’t necessary. Moreover, avoid renting bowling equipment because it might not fit your playing style.

Remember to practice a lot to keep your game consistent. This will eventually improve your scores. And be proficient in all types of oil patterns as well. It’ll help you adapt to heavy, wet, or dry lanes.

Visit Sparetimes in Hampton, VA, for a Professional Bowling

It’s cool to dream big! Professional bowlers are hard workers who spend hours practicing and following proper instructions. It might take years or maybe a decade to reach your goal. But patience is key. Here at Sparetimes in Hampton, VA, our bowling facilities are welcoming and comfortable, with modern digital scoring and couch-style seating. Contact us today for more tips to becoming a pro bowler.

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