Bowling, also called ten-pin bowling, is a fun game where players use a weighted spherical ball to roll down a long narrow wooden lane toward the pins they aim to knock over. The ball is released behind the foul line.

Ten pins are evenly placed in four rows to make a triangle and the players’ goals are to knock down all ten pins within the first roll (which is called a strike) or to at least knock more pins down than your opponents. Rolling the ball into the gutter results in a zero score.

Players are always looking for ways to improve their game and increase their odds of becoming the top player at the bowling alley. One method is to master the various techniques of bowling. One of those methods is known as bowling a spare. 

What is a spare?

Bowling a spare means knocking down all ten pins using two separate throws. Players who achieve spares are rewarded with ten points in the game.

When a spare is missed or a player has failed to knock down all the pins in two shots, it is known as an open frame.

Ways to bowl a spare

There are many ways you can bowl spares in ten-pin bowling. The 3-6-9 method seems to be the most effective one among bowlers.

To execute this method effectively, you will need to have a consistent aim, consistent delivery, and consistent approach. Having a stable and straight wrist and hand movement when swinging the ball out and back will have an impact on where your ball rolls to strike. You’ll see in the lanes there are arrows painted that you can use as your guides to where you want your ball to roll.

How to shoot a spare

You can shoot a spare by using the 3-6-9 method, which is pretty simple. If the remaining pins are on the right side of the key pin (the pin closest to you), position yourself to the left.

And, vice versa, if the pins remain on the left side of the key pin, position yourself on the opposite side, which would be the right. 

There are forty wooden strips along with seven painted black arrows that run along the lane. These strips are usually called boards and are used as guides. Players move their position according to these boards and where their pin placements are.

A note to also remember is that you don’t only want to place your feet in the right position for the shooting spares, you also need to angle your body in the same direction that you are aiming at the spare. 

An important tip to keep in mind is that you may not get it right on the first try. However, consistent practice will reap the fruit and before you know it, shooting a spare will be as easy as pie. Once you can master the various bowling techniques, you will successfully be able to master the game. 

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