How To Find The Best Bowling Ball Weight For You

The weight of your bowling ball can make a big difference in how it performs. For example, a ball that’s too heavy can lead to injuries, fatigue, and even a loss of shot efficacy. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, it’s a good rule of thumb to aim for a ball that weighs around 10 percent of your body weight.

Aim For The Lightest Ball You Can Handle

A bowling ball’s weight plays a major role in its performance. Heavy balls can be more difficult to roll, causing strain on your body. Lighter bowling balls, on the other hand, are easier to control. First, you should try to hold a ball that is at least one pound lighter than you are currently comfortable with. You can do this by cradling it in your hands for a minute or two and seeing if your arm starts to shake.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Heavier Balls

Alternatively, you can try out heavier balls for a few games and see how they impact your game. If the ball you are using is making your overall play less effective as you move onto the next frame, it may be time to switch to a lighter one. Another great tip is to choose a ball that matches your skill level. For example, if you are an advanced bowler and are trying to build up your ball speed and rev rate, a heavier ball might be more appropriate for you.

Keep In Mind Your Age

When you are determining the proper bowling ball weight, it is important to keep in mind your age. This is because kids and senior citizens should generally not use heavy bowling balls. Children should use lighter balls that weigh between six and 10 pounds, while teenagers can handle heavier balls weighing 11 to 14 pounds. Meanwhile, adults and experienced players generally prefer a heavier ball that weighs in the range of 13 to 15 pounds.


You should always talk to a bowling pro shop professional when making a decision about the right bowling ball weight. They can often help you decide what will best suit your needs and preferences, as well as recommend any bowling accessories that might help you. So if you’re ready to step up your game, contact our knowledgeable bowling staff here at Sparetimes today to learn more about choosing the correct bowling ball weight!

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