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Although it’s certainly not the most dangerous sport, bowlers still need to be careful while they’re playing the game. Since bowling injuries are possible both for players and for those watching, it’s important to know some basic bowling safety rules in Hampton, VA. Continue reading to learn how to be safe while you’re at the bowling alley: Shoes: They might look a little goofy, but bowling shoes must be worn at all times when you’re playing. Just any shoes won’t do, though. Ensure you get the proper fit for your feet to avoid slipping on the approach. Additionally, ensure the... View Article

How was your last game before the COVID-19 lockdown started? Maybe you earned the best score in your life, or felt like you could do a little better. While our lanes are closed, nothing stops you from learning how to throw a perfect bowling game in Hampton, VA. It starts with knowing how to throw a bowling ball better. Here are five tips for improving your game: Choose the correct ball weight: Many people walk into a bowling alley and, upon seeing all the house balls available, feel suddenly overwhelmed. They may choose a ball that is not the correct... View Article

Splits are one of the most challenging parts of any bowler’s hobby. They occur when the first ball of a frame knocks down the number 1 pin but leaves multiple non-adjacent pins standing. It can take a considerable amount of skill, knowledge and luck to know what to do next. But, with some easy bowling tips in Hampton, VA, it’s possible to pick up more splits and see your scores climb. Practice makes perfect Very few people are born as great bowlers, but many people can become great at their craft through simple perseverance. Bowling lessons in Hampton, VA are... View Article

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned roller who bowls four times a week—everyone wants to improve their bowling score in Hampton, VA. Getting better at a hobby is always a surefire way to enjoy it more, and there are some simple bowling pointers that you can consider to help you take your game to the next level. Consistency is key As with most things, practice in bowling makes perfect. An easy way to improve bowling scores in Hampton, VA is to make sure you are doing the exact same thing every time you step up to... View Article