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Are you frustrated by your performance whenever you’re bowling in Hampton, VA? If so, keep in mind this idea: good bowling is all about technique. Before you heave your ball away in a fit of anger, take some time to think through all the steps of a great turn on the lane. Bowling involves lots of different techniques coming together, including gripping the ball correctly, developing a confident and effective stance and approaching the lane properly. But you need to ensure that your release of the bowling ball makes sure all your setup isn’t going to waste. Read on for... View Article

These days, a first date might entail meeting at a local coffee shop, diner or pub. What makes these options great for a lot of people is simply that they’re convenient public places. If you’re looking for something more exciting, fun and different, then a bowling alley date night might be for you! This puts a spin on the standard “sit, eat and talk” date. Below are six reasons why bowling in Hampton, VA is a great idea for a first date: Bowling keeps the conversation flowing: Regardless of whether you just met or have known the person for a... View Article

Do you plan to participate in bowling in Hampton, VA? If you are interested in league play, you’ll quickly discover that you must become familiar with a few bowling terms. These phrases, acronyms and sport-specific words describe the ins and outs of bowling play and scoring. POA is one of these terms. Following is an overview of what this means as well as some related terminology and rules to help you learn about the great sport of bowling: POA: This term stands for “pins over average.” If POA is used for scoring, players are trying to beat their average. The... View Article

You want to make a great impression. You want to have fun, get to know each other and create an evening that leads to a second date. What should you plan? Dinner and a movie is overdone. Outdoor activities are too dependent on the weather. Have you considered bowling in Hampton, VA? Bowling is the perfect option for a first date. Why? Read on to discover what makes this activity the ideal date to kick off your romance. 1. It Gets the Conversation Going Staring at each other over plates of pasta can lead to awkward silences and stagnant conversation.... View Article