Even if it wasn’t a competitive game, it’s safe to assume that most people have been bowling at least once in their lifetime. Although it’s a popular game enjoyed by people around the globe, a lot of people don’t know very many fun facts about bowling in Hampton, VA. We’re here to change that! Continue reading to learn a few things you probably didn’t know about bowling.

It’s an old sport

Fred and Barney were avid bowlers in The Flintstones. Even though The Flintstones was a cartoon, cavemen bowling might not be too far from the truth! British anthropologists discovered bowling items in Egyptian tombs that date back to 3200 BC. More recently, the first indoor bowling lane was constructed in New York City in 1840, and the game was first televised in 1950.

Ball materials have changed significantly

The modern bowling balls we know today are a far cry from what people were using back in the 1900s. Bowling balls used to be made of wood, and then a heavy rubber. In 1960, manufacturers began using polyester resin that was both lightweight and could be manufactured in fun colors.

Nine-pin bowling is a no-no

One of the very weird bowling facts in Hampton, VA is that nine-pin bowling is banned in every state except Texas. Nine and 10-pin bowling have been played in Texas since at least the 1830s, and you can bet that it was a lot harder to get a strike with a wooden ball.

It used to be reserved for men

Nowadays, bowling is enjoyed by people of every gender. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case. The American Bowling Congress used to be a gentlemen’s club that didn’t allow ladies to participate in the game. Women didn’t get a chance to bowl until 1917, when the Women’s National Bowling Association was founded.

A perfect game isn’t 300 pins

Scoring a 300 is every bowler’s dream. However, one of the fun facts about bowling in Hampton, VA is that rolling a 300 doesn’t mean the bowler knocked down 300 pins. In fact, for an optimal strike, the ball only has to hit four pins. Therefore, you only need to hit 48 total pins to achieve a perfect score of 300.

It’s a life-long sport

Much like golf, bowling is a game you can play at practically any age. As long as you’re able to lift a ball—and they come in all different sizes—you can go bowling. Since everyone from the kids to the grandparents can play together, bowling is a perfect sport for your next family outing.

Bowling is great for company events

If you’re tired of going to the same old company get-togethers, plan your next event at a bowling alley! With great food and drinks on-site and a game that can be enjoyed by everyone, those stale company parties will be a thing of the past when you host an event at a bowling center.

Whether you’re a bowling fanatic who already knows all of these weird bowling facts in Hampton, VA or a casual bowler, consider joining a fall league at Sparetimes! We guarantee you’ll have a great time bowling, and you might even meet some new best friends.

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