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You might think that bowling is just a fun game or hobby, but this activity actually offers a ton of health benefits as well. If you are looking for a fun activity that can also help you stay healthy, bowling could be a perfect option. In this quick guide, we will look at how bowling can improve your health. Muscle Tone One of the health benefits of bowling is that it can help you improve muscle tone. During a game of bowling, you will be using many major muscle groups. These muscles must be used with control and thought. When... View Article

Should I use bowling gloves? If you bowl often, you are probably wondering if bowling gloves would make a difference in your performance. But, with all of the many benefits that can be obtained by wearing bowling gloves, there really is no reason not to wear them. Bowling gloves can help you bring your game to a new level all while supporting your body. Reasons To Wear Bowling Gloves If you are wondering how bowling gloves help with your bowling score, read on to learn about the benefits. Provide Support Bowling requires repetitive use of your wrist and arm muscles.... View Article

Are you wondering what to do when hosting a kids’ birthday party? Maybe you are looking for a good location. One of the best locations to host a kids’ party is at the bowling alley. It allows kids of all ages to enjoy themselves. Tips for Having a Great Bowling Party Here are some tips for a great bowling party that you can consider when hosting your kids’ next party. Consider Party Packages If you are looking for an easy and quick way to save extra money while planning your child’s birthday party, try to look for party packages at... View Article

Bowling is something that people of all ages can play, and everyone is usually equally terrible at, which makes it super fun. A birthday party at a bowling center is a great way to get out and mingle without having any high-pressure games. Bowling parties work for groups of all ages for a few reasons, and we want to tell you what they are. Reasons Why Bowling Parties Work for Everyone Sports are great, but not everyone is great at football or soccer. For some, a sport like bowling is a bit more accessible and therefore more fun to play.... View Article

If you have ever been bowling, you know how much fun you can have with your friends and family. Heck, it can even be fun to go bowling by yourself — uhm — provided you know how scoring works in bowling! Yes, at the onset, it looks fairly straightforward. If you knock down one pin, you get one point. If you knock down two pins, you get two points, and so on. Simple. And if you add that all up, you get a perfect 300 game. Except, you don’t. So, how points are determined in bowling may not be so simple,... View Article