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Bowling is a fun sport that is played by people of all ages all over the world. Similar to other sports, the more you play, the better you can be. However, to be successful as a bowler, you will need to have good form and rhythm. An important part of your bowling form is your backswing, which can be difficult to master. For those wondering how to improve your bowling backswing, there are various tips to follow. Swing Free When you want to improve your bowling swing, one of the most important tips to follow is to swing freely. When... View Article

Bowling, also called ten-pin bowling, is a fun game where players use a weighted spherical ball to roll down a long narrow wooden lane toward the pins they aim to knock over. The ball is released behind the foul line. Ten pins are evenly placed in four rows to make a triangle and the players’ goals are to knock down all ten pins within the first roll (which is called a strike) or to at least knock more pins down than your opponents. Rolling the ball into the gutter results in a zero score. Players are always looking for ways to improve... View Article

The higher you scale in sports, the better players you get to play against and team up with. Additionally, your team pays for your living and travel expenses, provides trainers, pays you a good salary, and a host of other benefits. However, it can be complicated for an aspiring bowling professional. Luckily, we’ve compiled three simple proven ways to become a professional bowler. Let’s dive in! Join the Professional Bowlers Association If you’re consistent in your game and have a score of 200+, you might want to join the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA). With that, you can apply directly to the PBA.... View Article

You might think that bowling is just a fun game or hobby, but this activity actually offers a ton of health benefits as well. If you are looking for a fun activity that can also help you stay healthy, bowling could be a perfect option. In this quick guide, we will look at how bowling can improve your health. Muscle Tone One of the health benefits of bowling is that it can help you improve muscle tone. During a game of bowling, you will be using many major muscle groups. These muscles must be used with control and thought. When... View Article

Should I use bowling gloves? If you bowl often, you are probably wondering if bowling gloves would make a difference in your performance. But, with all of the many benefits that can be obtained by wearing bowling gloves, there really is no reason not to wear them. Bowling gloves can help you bring your game to a new level all while supporting your body. Reasons To Wear Bowling Gloves If you are wondering how bowling gloves help with your bowling score, read on to learn about the benefits. Provide Support Bowling requires repetitive use of your wrist and arm muscles.... View Article