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Bowling has been a popular pastime for thousands of years, with origins dating back to 5000 BC. Whether you’re an avid bowler or you simply enjoy going bowling with friends on occasion, you’ve probably noticed that bowling shoes in Hampton, VA don’t have any grip. Whether you love the way bowling shoes feel while you’re enjoying a game at a bowling alley or you’d prefer to wear your own shoes, it’s useful to understand more about why bowling alleys require special shoes and why these shoes are designed the way they are. If you’re wondering what makes bowling shoes unique,... View Article

If you love kicking back with a game of bowling alongside friends in Hampton, VA, chances are you might think bowling is purely an American pastime. However, not only is bowling in other countries very popular, bowling is actually an ancient game. If you’re wondering how bowlers work in other countries, people from other countries might be thinking the same thing! The game of bowling is older than Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar. It was included in the first Olympic Games in Greece during the year 776 BC, and the oldest primitive bowling set that has been discovered by anthropologists... View Article

If you’re a beginner, watching professional bowlers do their thing can be both inspiring and frustrating. They seem to be able to control the ball with their mind, changing its direction halfway to the pins. How do they do it!? The short answer is that professional bowlers in Hampton, VA know how to make their bowling ball spin. When people talk about bowling ball spins, they don’t mean that it rolls down the lane towards the pins. When people use the term “spin,” they are describing the way the tilt of the ball’s rotation axis affects how it rolls towards... View Article

Bowling is supposed to be fun, not stressful. A ball that’s too heavy could be getting in between you and a good time at your local Hampton, VA bowling alley. For serious bowlers, sometimes using a different sized bowling ball is all it takes to up your game. Here are five additional reasons why you should use a smaller bowling ball. Lighter bowling balls require less strength Lighter bowling balls are the best choice for children and those who are new to the sport. Smaller ones are also great for casual players who hit the lanes only when they’re looking... View Article

The concept of bowling is simple—a player throws the ball, pins get knocked down and everything is magically reset for the next round. What goes on behind the scenes is a little-known bowling alley fact among casual players in Hampton, VA. Bowling alleys rely on a series of moving components that are mostly hidden from view. Here’s an inside look at how a bowling alley works. Ball pit After the bowling ball knocks down the pins, it falls into a ball pit. This is located behind the lane at a lower elevation. A gate catches the bowling ball and guides... View Article