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People of all ages love bowling, so consider taking your kids to the local alley from time to time. Not many people realize, but there are actually many benefits of taking your kids bowling. It’s active, affordable and teaches children good sportsmanship. The social benefits of taking your kids bowling alone should be enough to convince you. Here’s some information on the benefits of taking your kids bowling to get you geared up for your next outing. Bowling is a great exercise Bowling is an active sport that allows children to get out their energy. Get your kids off the... View Article

While bowling isn’t as intense as other sports, it still requires a good warm-up before each game. A good warm-up will not only help prevent injury but will also make you a better bowler in the long run. Read on if you’re interested in learning about some exercises before bowling that will help improve your game. Wrist stretches One of the best warm-ups for bowling is a simple wrist stretch. There are many wrist exercises one can perform before bowling, but the two we most recommend are wrist flexions and wrist extensions. In a wrist flexion stretch, you hold your... View Article

There’s usually a lot going on at a bowling alley. There could be kids enjoying a birthday party at one lane, while a bowling league is hosting its final game at another. The one thing everyone at a bowling alley has in common is that they’re all there to have a good time. Practicing proper bowling lane courtesy and etiquette will help ensure you and everyone around you enjoys their night at the bowling alley. Read on for plenty of tips when it comes to bowling alley etiquette. Respect your fellow bowlers No matter if it’s the people you’re playing... View Article

Everyone loves a fun game of bowling. All you need to enjoy a casual game is a ball and some bowling shoes. However, if you’re wanting to get more serious about the game, there are some bowling accessories you’ll want to purchase. Read on to learn about the essential accessories for bowling: Bowling ball towel: After investing in your own bowling ball, you want to make sure it lasts a long time. One of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your bowling ball is by routinely cleaning it with a high-quality towel. A good towel will not only... View Article

Whenever you visit your favorite bowling center, whether for a casual game with friends or for a big celebration, having the appropriate shoes to bowl is always a necessity. Bowling shoes may not seem all that different from regular shoes, but they’re required for every game you play. Read on to find out why. Why do you need to wear special shoes to bowl? Before you step onto the lanes at your local bowling center, you need to be equipped with the right shoes. Bowling shoes generally look much like regular shoes, but they’re specially designed to promote smoother motion... View Article