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Keeping your bowling ball clean and germ free is more important now than ever, but bowling balls require a little extra care to keep them from getting damaged. If you have your own custom ball, you’ll want to take great care of it so it lasts forever. However, with the threat of COVID-19 looming for the foreseeable future, disinfecting your ball is important for stopping the spread of disease. Here’s how to safely clean and disinfect your bowling ball in Hampton, VA. Cleaning vs. disinfecting your bowling ball Bowling balls can be cleaned and disinfected—and they’re not the same thing.... View Article

Although it’s certainly not the most dangerous sport, bowlers still need to be careful while they’re playing the game. Since bowling injuries are possible both for players and for those watching, it’s important to know some basic bowling safety rules in Hampton, VA. Continue reading to learn how to be safe while you’re at the bowling alley: Shoes: They might look a little goofy, but bowling shoes must be worn at all times when you’re playing. Just any shoes won’t do, though. Ensure you get the proper fit for your feet to avoid slipping on the approach. Additionally, ensure the... View Article

Even if it wasn’t a competitive game, it’s safe to assume that most people have been bowling at least once in their lifetime. Although it’s a popular game enjoyed by people around the globe, a lot of people don’t know very many fun facts about bowling in Hampton, VA. We’re here to change that! Continue reading to learn a few things you probably didn’t know about bowling. It’s an old sport Fred and Barney were avid bowlers in The Flintstones. Even though The Flintstones was a cartoon, cavemen bowling might not be too far from the truth! British anthropologists discovered... View Article

A new bowling ball is a pretty significant expense, so it’s hardly surprising that the patrons at our bowling center cherish theirs and try and take care of them as best they can. Proper maintenance of your bowling ball is just as important as the maintenance of any other piece of equipment you own—your lawnmower or your refrigerator would fall into disrepair if you never checked up on them, and the same is actually true of your bowling ball. A cracked bowling ball in Hampton, VA can be a real pain, so it’s important to understand the forces that can... View Article

Most people we know who bowl regularly like what they like—if they find a ball that works for them, they’ll use it for years or even decades. There’s something comforting about having equipment that you can rely on, but unfortunately the time may come when it must be replaced. If you’re in the market for new footwear, you know that the need to break in new bowling shoes in Hampton, VA is not something that’s always welcome. However, if you do it right, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the simple and comfortable results next time you step up to the... View Article