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There are approximately 50 million bowlers in the United States. Thirty-three percent are adult women; 32 percent are adult men; and the rest are teens or children. So it’s safe to say that bowling is a popular sport across all age groups. This post from your favorite bowling alley will cover a few of the reasons why so many people love to bowl: No equipment required: While many serious bowlers invest in their own balls, shirts and shoes, equipment is not required to go bowling. Your chosen bowling alley already has everything you need on-site—all you need to do is... View Article

Over 45 million people went bowling at least once in the year 2017. While the onset of a global pandemic last year likely hurt participation numbers in 2020, bowling continues to remain a cultural mainstay. Looking back, many people remember going to bowling parties at bowling centers and then heading out with their friends to throw a few frames once they got older and were able to drive. And once they were of age, they might have a few drinks in addition to playing a couple games. Bowling has been supremely popular in America for years now, and some might... View Article

Before there were bowling alleys and bowling leagues, there were simply people with a ball and pins and a desire to compete against each other. Because of the simple nature of the required equipment and the ability to set up a game virtually anywhere, bowling is one of the oldest sports in human history. From ancient Egypt to present-day America, bowling has had a long lifespan and has endured many changes, machinations and even attempts to ban it. This article will offer a brief glimpse into the history of bowling. Roots in ancient Egypt Bowling is so old that no... View Article

Getting ready to plan some fun outings over the summer? It might not be one of the first activities you think of, but bowling is actually one of the best summertime activities in Hampton, VA for all sorts of people. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should seriously consider making bowling part of your seasonal plans this summer! Fun for all ages With kids off all summer long, it’s not going to take long for them to start being desperate for things to do to keep them occupied. Bowling is an activity that the whole family... View Article

More than a quarter of Americans go bowling every year, meaning it’s the country’s largest participation sport. There are thousands of bowling alleys across the U.S., and the industry makes more than $4 billion a year. So, if you love bowling, you’re not alone! Not only is bowling a fun and competitive activity, but it also offers a surprising range of health benefits. Read on to learn more about the great health benefits of bowling in Hampton, VA. Strengthens muscles Bowling balls weigh an average of 14 pounds. Whenever you swing the ball back and then send it down the... View Article